Little Warriors

Meet Xena and Rambo, two adorable little Chihuahuas out for their first big off leash adventure of the season.


Xena and Rambo

It was a typical Calgary, windy Spring day…or as I like to call Mud, Ice, Dead Grass and Dirty Dog Season. It was a very busy Saturday at Southland Dog Park, lots of people getting out to enjoy the sunny day. I ran into some new friends that I took photos of earlier for my project, Brian with Shayla and Brody, it’s so nice to be able to go there now and wave and chat with people I now know a little. Shayla wasn’t feeling that great the day I took her photo but I noticed instantly that she was had more of a spring in her step and her little tail was a wagging. It was great to see! Please head on over to my 100 Pets and Their People page to meet, and learn more about my newest friends. Cheers!

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