Canine Good Neighbours!

Last Saturday I went into Calgary to watch two of my good friends and their dogs, Kathy with Diego


Kathy & Diego

and Ashleigh with Lola

Ashleigh & Lola

attempt to complete the Canine Good Neighbour Program Test. It is a non-competitive program and not formal obedience. It is a test to show that these dogs can be counted on to present good manners at home, in public places and around other dogs. They have to pass 12 exercises, some of which include:
– Accepting a Friendly Stranger,
– Walk on a Loose Leash,
– Perform a sit, down, & stay in place,
– Come when Called,
– Calm Down Quickly after Play/Interaction, and
– Supervised Isolation for 3 minutes.

Diego in his 3-minute Supervised Isolation where Kathy left the room.


Lola doing her time in Supervised Isolation

They receive either a ‘Pass’ or ‘Not Ready’. Diego and Lola both received a Not Ready; Diego because he moved from his Sit/Stay and Lay Down and Lola because she didn’t remain in her Down/Stay. Besides that they were super dogs! The testing was conducted by Larry Nielson of Konfident Kanines Inc. There were quite a number of dogs there.

Nuet, a good friend of Sandy

I am not sure how many dogs passed, but they did fantastic and looked like they made pretty amazing doggie ambassadors too.

I met Sandy and her person Leslie here, they were also doing the test. Sandy was such a sweet dog and I really enjoyed chatting with Leslie. Pop on over to my 100 Pets and the People They Love Project page to meet them and read their story.


Leslie & Sandy,very serious girl, LOL