Meet the Boys, Baker & Lenny

These two beautiful boys are the epitome of what a Labrador Retriever should be like. Smiling happy faces, easy going and comical. Get over to my 100 Pets and Their People page to learn more about them and their person Brett.

Brett, Lenny & Baker

Brett, Lenny & Baker

Well, it was inevitable, I heard my first “no” of the project. Actually it was only half a no…no from the person but yes to their dog, and that’s okay. I can understand, I don’t always like my photo taken, there is a reason I’m behind the lens more than I’m in front of it. I did have a lovely chat with Charlie’s person, she told me he was 14 1/2 and had been coming to the park almost daily since he was a puppy. What a handsome, sweet face he has, a real gentle soul!


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