Jack, the Squirrel Saver!

Look at this face and that one floppy ear, Jack just melts your heart! You just have to pop over to meet Jack and his adorable person, Marg on the 100 Pets and Their People page to meet the newest member of our project family. You have to read about Jack’s squirrel antics too! He is such a funny, handsome and oh so smart, boy. _MG_0746 I’m really feeling a family vibe from this project; such great connections! I was back at the Southland Dog Park today in Calgary and met Dulcie (the “Cookie Lady”) and Bella again. My dogs immediately sat down, oh so well behaved (cough, cough) knowing full well who she was and what she was carrying in her bag. Her Bella came up to say hello and get a good pat. A little further along on our walk we saw Honey with Rick and his lovely wife Terry. Honey was happy to see us and we also had a great chat. It’s so nice to go for our walks and see friendly faces and wagging tails along the way.

Got Cookies?

Got Cookies?

Jack - B&W

Jack – B&W

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