Molly & Mark

Well, well…such a LONG time between posts. My biggest excuse is the flooding here in Southern Alberta and the fact that most of the parks and woods I frequent have been devastated by the flooding. Of course it hasn’t been safe to walk in these areas for awhile (still isn’t in some cases) with all the debris and contaminants flowing through but we’ve had more that a few heavy rains and that has helped. Southland Dog Park in Calgary is far from being repaired enough to walk, such a shame.


You Watch My Back While I Watch Yours

I was happy to meet Molly and Mark out at the Black Diamond Off Leash area last week. We were out surveying the damage, as were they. Molly is such a sweet, happy girl. She didn’t want to sit still at first to pose for a photo, and who could blame her with all the new smells and changes to be explored at the park. Eventually she sat and was happy to pose with her person, Mark. Click here to meet them both.

Molly In Profile (love that floppy ear!)

Oggie Doggie!



I daresay this special little guy, Oggie, closely resembles his namesake, ‘Augie Doggie’, from the Hanna Barbera (1959-1962) cartoon series (in character at least). Both are high-spirited, intelligent pups, just wanting to make their dads happy and proud. I met Oggie and his dad, Garry, at the Southland Off Leash Park last week.

Garry and Oggie (and Oggie’s ball)


Best Buds!

What a fantastic, happy guy he is. He loves his ball and his Dad (not necessarily in that order), he is outgoing and social. You can read Oggie and Garry’s whole story over on my 100 Pets and The People They Love page.

Always remember to hop on over to the Project page to read all the Pets and People stories in full. Just click on the highlighted link! Cheers! Sheila


I am so glad that Trinity and Trevor decided to change up their regular routine of walking at River Park Off Leash area and come to Southland Park, otherwise I never would have had the chance to meet and photograph them for my project!


Trinity & Trevor

I knew right away there was something special going on between the two of them. Trinity got a real bounce in her step meeting all the dogs we had with us (my four, Emma & Rudy, two of my old dog walking clients, and Ron with his Molly, Max, Hector & Sadie).Trinity-meeting-all-of-our-pack-at-Southland-Off-Leash-Park Trinity walked right in and said hello with confidence and a wag of her tail not the least bit intimidated by our 10! Not that our Pack are anything to be intimidated by. She wasn’t completely happy about all the fuss required to pose for a picture until it was time to show Trevor some love, but she certainly was happy to have a play with Max. The years dropped away when they did their little getting to know each other dance, it was wonderful to see.

Trinity and Max – Fast Friends

I believe the word ‘cougar’ crossed our lips when we saw her get her flirt on with the much younger Max. I got to capture a few special moments between both Trinity and Trevor as well as Trinity letting the years melt away, if only for a short while. Stop on over to my 100 Pets and The People They Love page to meet Trinity and her special guy, Trevor. So good to see Trinity living out her life in luxury with her best friend.Trinity-at-the-Park

Jack, the Squirrel Saver!

Look at this face and that one floppy ear, Jack just melts your heart! You just have to pop over to meet Jack and his adorable person, Marg on the 100 Pets and Their People page to meet the newest member of our project family. You have to read about Jack’s squirrel antics too! He is such a funny, handsome and oh so smart, boy. _MG_0746 I’m really feeling a family vibe from this project; such great connections! I was back at the Southland Dog Park today in Calgary and met Dulcie (the “Cookie Lady”) and Bella again. My dogs immediately sat down, oh so well behaved (cough, cough) knowing full well who she was and what she was carrying in her bag. Her Bella came up to say hello and get a good pat. A little further along on our walk we saw Honey with Rick and his lovely wife Terry. Honey was happy to see us and we also had a great chat. It’s so nice to go for our walks and see friendly faces and wagging tails along the way.

Got Cookies?

Got Cookies?

Jack - B&W

Jack – B&W

A Perfect Match!

I am excited for you to meet Honey and Rick. Even spending just a short amount of time with them, I could tell they have a great friendship. You will have to go to my 100 Pets and The People They Love page to read more of their story and see photos of them together. Here are a couple of Honey, I just loved!:

If I smile at you will you rub my belly??

If I smile at you will you rub my belly??

Honey (sweet girl, so aptly named)

Honey (sweet girl, so aptly named)

The Cookie Lady and Rowdy

On one of my outings this week I had the distinct honour of meeting Dulcie and her Bassett Hound, Bella. Dulcie is fondly known as The Cookie Lady at Southland Off Leash Park. Hop on over to my 100 Pets Project Page to meet them. I must say Bella is a lovely sweet dog and has such a generous nature, sharing her person with all the other dogs at the Park.
Another cute old fella I met was Rowdy a 14 year old Scottish Terrier. _MG_0496He was at the Park with his people and 3 other dog buddies. Although I didn’t get a photo of them all together (the dogs had no real interest in posing) we had a great chat and I was saddened to learn that Rowdy was deaf and was dealing with cancer. Their vet has told them Rowdy is past his expiry date but he’s still plugging along. He is a sweet, friendly guy and I just had to take some photos of him. _MG_0503

_MG_0508It was great seeing him out at the Park meeting new friends and getting lots of pats and scratches. I do hope I get to meet him again.


I admit…I have been slacking…not in taking photos for my 100 Pets Project but in sitting down, editing the photos and posting them with their stories to my blog project page. Well, no more procrastination, I poured myself a glass of wine this evening and got down to business adding four new subjects (that’s not really the right word I want to use) on my Project Page. I continue to get great enjoyment meeting all these new pets and their people; I love how people warm up to the idea of my project (usually after a slight hesitation, wondering what I am selling) when I spend a few minutes talking to them and hopefully putting them at ease.

I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with the One Little Word project that Ali Edwards does each year but I attempted to give it a try last year. It can be a very powerful thing choosing and focusing on one word for a year. Last year, my word was “Connect” and for some reason I struggled with my choice. Now this year with my project, I think connect would fit perfectly so I may go back and revisit this project. I am loving how I am making such wonderful connections every time I go out and meet new people and talk to them about their pets. I love how people light up when I ask them questions about their pets and I love the connection I see between the people I meet and the four legged friend they love so much.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy meeting my new connections. Just because its good to have a photo with a post I’ll leave you with this funny girl I met last weekend at the park. I couldn’t figure out who she belonged to but I just loved her smiling face and happy nature. _MG_9889
Now grab yourselves a glass of wine and head on over to my Project Page. Cheers! Sheila