I admit…I have been slacking…not in taking photos for my 100 Pets Project but in sitting down, editing the photos and posting them with their stories to my blog project page. Well, no more procrastination, I poured myself a glass of wine this evening and got down to business adding four new subjects (that’s not really the right word I want to use) on my Project Page. I continue to get great enjoyment meeting all these new pets and their people; I love how people warm up to the idea of my project (usually after a slight hesitation, wondering what I am selling) when I spend a few minutes talking to them and hopefully putting them at ease.

I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with the One Little Word project that Ali Edwards does each year but I attempted to give it a try last year. It can be a very powerful thing choosing and focusing on one word for a year. Last year, my word was “Connect” and for some reason I struggled with my choice. Now this year with my project, I think connect would fit perfectly so I may go back and revisit this project. I am loving how I am making such wonderful connections every time I go out and meet new people and talk to them about their pets. I love how people light up when I ask them questions about their pets and I love the connection I see between the people I meet and the four legged friend they love so much.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy meeting my new connections. Just because its good to have a photo with a post I’ll leave you with this funny girl I met last weekend at the park. I couldn’t figure out who she belonged to but I just loved her smiling face and happy nature. _MG_9889
Now grab yourselves a glass of wine and head on over to my Project Page. Cheers! Sheila