Beautiful Bella

It is with great sadness that I must report the sudden loss of a beautiful little soul from our 100 Pets and Their People community. Dulcie, the Cookie Lady of Southland Off Leash Park lost her partner, Bella, on Friday, April 12. The vet found that Bella had an abdominal tumour that was inoperable and Dulcie made the difficult decision to have her put down. This news will affect the entire Southland Off Leash community as both Bella and Dulcie are thought of so fondly and held in such high regard. Bella will be missed by us all.


Beautiful Bella

After a dog dies, her soul is released into the world around us.
Her soul is released to run in the world, run through the fields,
enjoy the earth, the wind, the rivers, the sun, the woods.
Bella, has been released.

Adapted from The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Cookie Lady and Rowdy

On one of my outings this week I had the distinct honour of meeting Dulcie and her Bassett Hound, Bella. Dulcie is fondly known as The Cookie Lady at Southland Off Leash Park. Hop on over to my 100 Pets Project Page to meet them. I must say Bella is a lovely sweet dog and has such a generous nature, sharing her person with all the other dogs at the Park.
Another cute old fella I met was Rowdy a 14 year old Scottish Terrier. _MG_0496He was at the Park with his people and 3 other dog buddies. Although I didn’t get a photo of them all together (the dogs had no real interest in posing) we had a great chat and I was saddened to learn that Rowdy was deaf and was dealing with cancer. Their vet has told them Rowdy is past his expiry date but he’s still plugging along. He is a sweet, friendly guy and I just had to take some photos of him. _MG_0503

_MG_0508It was great seeing him out at the Park meeting new friends and getting lots of pats and scratches. I do hope I get to meet him again.