Beautiful Bella

It is with great sadness that I must report the sudden loss of a beautiful little soul from our 100 Pets and Their People community. Dulcie, the Cookie Lady of Southland Off Leash Park lost her partner, Bella, on Friday, April 12. The vet found that Bella had an abdominal tumour that was inoperable and Dulcie made the difficult decision to have her put down. This news will affect the entire Southland Off Leash community as both Bella and Dulcie are thought of so fondly and held in such high regard. Bella will be missed by us all.


Beautiful Bella

After a dog dies, her soul is released into the world around us.
Her soul is released to run in the world, run through the fields,
enjoy the earth, the wind, the rivers, the sun, the woods.
Bella, has been released.

Adapted from The Art of Racing in the Rain

9 thoughts on “Beautiful Bella

  1. Sad, sad, but how lucky that you have her in your 100….nice images to remember her by taken by such a talented photographer!

    • It is such a great book. A friend of mine made a card with this quote in it when my last dog had to be ut down suddenly. It meant so much to me and I can smile when I think of her running without pain in the world around me, especially when I walk in the woods with my other dogs. Thank you for commenting!

    • Thank you! Dulcie, Bella’s person, is such a wonderful lady and still goes to the Park to treat all the dogs that look forward to her cookies and pats. I am happy I was able to give her a nice photo of Bella, sometimes my meetings with people and their pets are just meant to be I think.

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