I am so glad that Trinity and Trevor decided to change up their regular routine of walking at River Park Off Leash area and come to Southland Park, otherwise I never would have had the chance to meet and photograph them for my project!


Trinity & Trevor

I knew right away there was something special going on between the two of them. Trinity got a real bounce in her step meeting all the dogs we had with us (my four, Emma & Rudy, two of my old dog walking clients, and Ron with his Molly, Max, Hector & Sadie).Trinity-meeting-all-of-our-pack-at-Southland-Off-Leash-Park Trinity walked right in and said hello with confidence and a wag of her tail not the least bit intimidated by our 10! Not that our Pack are anything to be intimidated by. She wasn’t completely happy about all the fuss required to pose for a picture until it was time to show Trevor some love, but she certainly was happy to have a play with Max. The years dropped away when they did their little getting to know each other dance, it was wonderful to see.

Trinity and Max – Fast Friends

I believe the word ‘cougar’ crossed our lips when we saw her get her flirt on with the much younger Max. I got to capture a few special moments between both Trinity and Trevor as well as Trinity letting the years melt away, if only for a short while. Stop on over to my 100 Pets and The People They Love page to meet Trinity and her special guy, Trevor. So good to see Trinity living out her life in luxury with her best friend.Trinity-at-the-Park

Sweet Golden Girl Kayla


Kayla Enjoying Cuddles

I’m sitting in my kitchen this morning looking out at the nasty Spring snowstorm going on outside my window. I’m glad I have this post to write about this sweet girl, Kayla, and her person Shelly to brighten my day and to postpone the inevitable chore (and yes, today it is a chore) of taking the pups out for their walk. I met Kayla and Shelly out at Black Diamond where she was walking with her other friends, Mandy and Sakara, and all their people. I loved watching the sweet and gentle bond Kayla and Shelly have together. Please click on over to my 100 Pets and Their People page to meet them! Cheers! I hope you are somewhere warm today! Sheila

Kayla and Shelly

Sakara the Sweet!



Say hello to Sakara, a shy, yet adventurous Great Pyrenees/Border Collie cross and her person, Karen. We met at the Black Diamond Off Leash Park. Once she figured out we were all friendly (both people and dogs) she made herself comfortable and had a good play. More on her story over on my 100 Pets and Their People page…click on over!

Going in for the Kiss!

Cheers! Sheila

Oh Mandy!

Say hello to sweet little Mandy and her special someone, Irene.


Mandy & Irene

We met out in Black Diamond while they were out walking with friends. Mandy is such a friendly little dog and really so lucky to be here with us today. Come over and read her story on my 100 Pets and Their People page.


She and Irene are No. 25 of my 100 pets and people! Woot! Woot! I am 1/4 of the way to my goal of 100 and just in case you couldn’t tell, I am having the time of my life! Cheers! Sheila

Foster & Maddie

It was so nice to meet this family at Southland Dog Park two Saturdays ago. (yes, I am behind!) Foster


Smilie Foster

and Maddie

Beautiful Maddie

are two wonderful dogs and Corinne and Brian their nice people.

Corinne, Maddie, Brian & Foster

Tashi loved them and gave her tough to earn ‘paw of approval’. Tashi, Bella and Buddah had a good romp in the mud with Maddie and Foster (the state of my vehicle will attest to how much fun they really had). Click on over to my Pets and Their People Page to meet them officially and read more of their story. I have three more great stories coming up this week! Cheers! Sheila

Canine Good Neighbours!

Last Saturday I went into Calgary to watch two of my good friends and their dogs, Kathy with Diego


Kathy & Diego

and Ashleigh with Lola

Ashleigh & Lola

attempt to complete the Canine Good Neighbour Program Test. It is a non-competitive program and not formal obedience. It is a test to show that these dogs can be counted on to present good manners at home, in public places and around other dogs. They have to pass 12 exercises, some of which include:
– Accepting a Friendly Stranger,
– Walk on a Loose Leash,
– Perform a sit, down, & stay in place,
– Come when Called,
– Calm Down Quickly after Play/Interaction, and
– Supervised Isolation for 3 minutes.

Diego in his 3-minute Supervised Isolation where Kathy left the room.


Lola doing her time in Supervised Isolation

They receive either a ‘Pass’ or ‘Not Ready’. Diego and Lola both received a Not Ready; Diego because he moved from his Sit/Stay and Lay Down and Lola because she didn’t remain in her Down/Stay. Besides that they were super dogs! The testing was conducted by Larry Nielson of Konfident Kanines Inc. There were quite a number of dogs there.

Nuet, a good friend of Sandy

I am not sure how many dogs passed, but they did fantastic and looked like they made pretty amazing doggie ambassadors too.

I met Sandy and her person Leslie here, they were also doing the test. Sandy was such a sweet dog and I really enjoyed chatting with Leslie. Pop on over to my 100 Pets and the People They Love Project page to meet them and read their story.


Leslie & Sandy,very serious girl, LOL

Little Luna

So happy to meet this wonderful little Mexican girl, Luna and her people Susie & Yuki! She has newly immigrated to our country and sure seems to be settling in well. Read more of her story over at my 100 Pets and Their People page! I believe it took a couple of months to get all her testing and paperwork completed in order for her to travel. She was worth the wait!

Tiny Little Luna!

Tiny Little Luna!

Meet the Boys, Baker & Lenny

These two beautiful boys are the epitome of what a Labrador Retriever should be like. Smiling happy faces, easy going and comical. Get over to my 100 Pets and Their People page to learn more about them and their person Brett.

Brett, Lenny & Baker

Brett, Lenny & Baker

Well, it was inevitable, I heard my first “no” of the project. Actually it was only half a no…no from the person but yes to their dog, and that’s okay. I can understand, I don’t always like my photo taken, there is a reason I’m behind the lens more than I’m in front of it. I did have a lovely chat with Charlie’s person, she told me he was 14 1/2 and had been coming to the park almost daily since he was a puppy. What a handsome, sweet face he has, a real gentle soul!


Jack, the Squirrel Saver!

Look at this face and that one floppy ear, Jack just melts your heart! You just have to pop over to meet Jack and his adorable person, Marg on the 100 Pets and Their People page to meet the newest member of our project family. You have to read about Jack’s squirrel antics too! He is such a funny, handsome and oh so smart, boy. _MG_0746 I’m really feeling a family vibe from this project; such great connections! I was back at the Southland Dog Park today in Calgary and met Dulcie (the “Cookie Lady”) and Bella again. My dogs immediately sat down, oh so well behaved (cough, cough) knowing full well who she was and what she was carrying in her bag. Her Bella came up to say hello and get a good pat. A little further along on our walk we saw Honey with Rick and his lovely wife Terry. Honey was happy to see us and we also had a great chat. It’s so nice to go for our walks and see friendly faces and wagging tails along the way.

Got Cookies?

Got Cookies?

Jack - B&W

Jack – B&W

A Perfect Match!

I am excited for you to meet Honey and Rick. Even spending just a short amount of time with them, I could tell they have a great friendship. You will have to go to my 100 Pets and The People They Love page to read more of their story and see photos of them together. Here are a couple of Honey, I just loved!:

If I smile at you will you rub my belly??

If I smile at you will you rub my belly??

Honey (sweet girl, so aptly named)

Honey (sweet girl, so aptly named)